Rick Shaddock

I saw the killing of Lee Harvey Oswald on TV in 1963 as a child and thought it was suspicious we would not get to hear his testimony in court.   I have worked on contract as a computer consultant for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard in Washington DC, plus the NSA.  I taught computer classes to over 1000 staff at the Pentagon, and thousands more at GraduateSchool.edu the Government's main training organization.   

Due to the dishonesty in Government and the false flag operations that lead to the 9/11 wars, I now work only for happiness and health supporting organizations, and have donated most of my war profits to 9/11 Truth and peace promoting groups.  I am dedicated to getting our country out of the control of the corrupt war mongers, and back in the hands of the citizens for an Invincible America.   I support Donald Trump for President, who will give us the best chance for truth about the Kennedy ambush.

American patriot

Eagle Scout

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U.S. Marine  (SSN confidential)

Defense contractor

Instructor to over 1000 staff
at the Pentagon

Contractor, National Security Agency

Helping Ambassador of Honduras

First lady and President of Honduras

Computer Instructor, El Salvador

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Helping Consul of Embassy of Armenia

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Instructor, Yerevan Armenia
WB project to help the economy

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World Bank HQ, Armenia

Finding and scanning of diploma is in progress.
In the mean time, please see these pages
from the Colgate Alumni web site.

Bachelors Degree in Natural Science
(minor in Computer Science) Colgate University

Master of Arts in Education
Maharishi University of Management

1629 K Street, Washington DC office of AJKAT.Org

Association for John Kennedy Ambush Truth

Dr. John Hagelin (for President)
Rick ran for Congress in 1996

Wayne Madsen

Webster Tarpley 
JFK truth activist

Asked 2 questions of Trump
at the Press Conference

Roger Stone
Author: LBJ killed JFK

Computer instructor and programmer
for the U.S. Navy and other military

Organized talk by Dr. James Fetzer, noted JFK researcher with www.FITAS.US
Fairfield Iowa Truth Awareness Society

Challenging James Swanson on his book that supports the official story.

Personal Statement

Part of my business to spend war profits for peace is hosting web sites for worthy causes such as:
www.JFKTruth.org - Association for John Kennedy Ambush Truth

www.ShaddockResearch.org - my thesis on TM and Critical Thinking Ability
Mostly 9/11/2001 since it is more recent than 11/22/1963
www.ANETA.org - Association for Nine Eleven Truth Awareness
www.911Experiments.com - Experiments to disprove the OCT
www.911Justice.com - hosting for attorney William Veale
www.911Marines.org - U.S. Marines who question the OCT
www.911Mensa.org - People with high IQ who question the OCT
www.911Theories.org - theories about 9/11 could have been done
www.ChrisMohr911.com - debating one of the major supporters of the OCT
www.MarkBasile.org - fundraiser for a new study of the WTC dust
www.NielsHarrit.org - Dr. Harrit's resume and over 50 studies, including the thermite study.
www.Students911Truth.org - web site reserved for the College Outreach Team
www.TruthMakesPeace.com - experiments anyone can do to disprove the OCT
www.Veterans911Truth.org - Veterans who question the OCT
http://911blogger.com/blogs/truthmakespeace - my blog on 9/11 Blogger
www.OperationTerror.org/characters   - information about Art Olivier's movie.
I have been inteviewed about 9/11 and the upcoming study on
www.911FreeFall.com  - Andrew Steele
www.RadioFetzer.blogspot.com - Dr. Fetzer's show  November 28, 2012
Fly Into vs. Fly Over Pentagon Debate with Craig Ranke

 I am also a volunteer on the Writing Team of www.AE911Truth.org
Some other web sites we host, for other good causes are:

Association for John Kennedy Ambush Truth